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EnAIP Veneto - Ente ACLI Istruzione Formazione Professionale regione Veneto


Reference person

Daniela Dal Zotto

email: daniela.dalzotto@enaip.veneto.it

phone: 0039 0444326685




En.A.I.P. Veneto, member of ENAIP (Ente Nazionale Acli Istruzione Professionale), is a non-profit social enterprise, promoted by ACLI of Italy, and it has been operating since fifties in the field of professional education of workers and youngsters in primary, secondary and tertiary fields.

En.A.I.P. Veneto completing its own services for its users with the support of the European Social Fund deploys training activities of the second level aimed at young people and/or adults, unemployed and/or disengaged. Requalification activities and development for non-resident workers and/or office for assistance to temporary unemployed people, who are involved in exclusion from the labour force market are also activities carried out by the organisation.

En.A.I.P. Veneto is composed by 20 operative units and operates with 350 workers, who meet the requirements of the enterprises, institutions and local organisations, enterprise unions and associations, private users, both young people and adults.

En.A.I.P. Veneto initiatives and its interventions, aimed to pursue first and foremost the interests of the workers and those marginal groups of the population, are carried out in Italy, in the countries of the European Union and in third-world countries for their selfdevelopment.


The main activities concern:

- basic, second level and post graduate Vocational Training (EQF level n. 2, 3, 4, 5), 

- continuous training and updating, training for trainers,

- re-qualificatio for unemployed workers or workers at risk of unemployment, and also for socially and professionally weak groups,

- professional guidance for users in transition,

- transnational projects: Youthstart, Adapt, Integra, Now, Horizon, Equal, Leonardo Da Vinci, Central Europe Project (ET-struct project)

- development and cooperation project: initiatives to support the development of the vocational training in Eastern European countries and in non-European countries,

- territorial observatory and analysis of needs

- network and local development.