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Handbooks set

The set of resources is supported by an Handbook set which will help you to use effectively the methods and tools developed by the EXPLAIN project. This guides have a function of methodological support to the use of the learning resources developed in the project EXPLAIN. They promote a philosophy of the study where the central focus becomes "learning" rather than "teaching", that is, shifting the focus from "how to teach" to "how to learn" by encouraging independent study.
This approach has the advantage of focusing attention on the learning process of students, highlighting any difficulties that they encounter, and find practical tools and strategies to overcome them.
Making transparent the processes of learning, it becomes easier for a parent to help children in the study. For this reason, the Guide contains a section for parents, which provides tips and tools for this purpose.



  • for teachers: how to integrate key competences with the subject matter taught and how to assess them
  • for students and parents: how to become an independent learner and tell well what you know