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Speak easy

It is a set of tools to improve oral performance during exams and public presentations.

“Speasy” teaches how to communicate knowledge in an effective and creative way to improve performance during oral exams or presentations in public. Public speaking, both in front of one person or to a broad audience, requires a mix of skills and attitudes that need to be integrated in a harmonious and balanced way: use of voice and body language, logic and clarity of speech arguments, rhythm and narration, handling objections and questions, control of emotions.

Speasy will focus both on individual techniques to improve different aspects of communication and on how to reduce shyness and fear when facing an audience.

As the best way to self-evaluate an oral presentation is to make a video, it will be provided a short and simple tutorial for teachers, students and parents on how to make a video in a professional manner using a video camera, smartphone, tablet. This approach will involve actively students, making them aware of their strengths and weaknesses in communication skills.