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Synthesize text

It is a set of tools to strengthen the capability of writing abstracts for presentations and exams.

“Syntext” is a useful resource for those students who, in front of a blank sheet, do not know how to start with. In this kind of situation the difficulties students have to face are: “what to write”, “how to write” and “how much to write”. This issue arises also in the case of an oral presentation where a student needs to prepare and organize a "speech". “Syntext” provides students with methods and tools to address these challenges.

The goal is to develop the capacity to make synthesis of concepts of the subject studied in order to organize them logically for an effective oral presentation.

Techniques are illustrated by examples of text analysis (grasp the basic concepts), summary of the text (to summarize the key points), the actual writing (structure text and speech), rhetoric (argue and support their thesis) and referencing (use and cite sources).

A tool for drawing maps from simple indented text will also be available.