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Reference person

Emilia Pecheanu

mail: emilia.pecheanu@ugal.ro

phone: +40336130237



The University “Dunarea de Jos” of Galati, Romania (UDJG) is a higher education institution, the most important in the South-East Region of Romania. UDJG offers study programs from bachelor to PhD in engineering, economy and social sciences through fifteen faculties that provide a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs for over 15,000 enrolled students. Specific post-graduate programs are also available for employees, job-seekers or other persons willing to acquire new skills in order to become more competitive on the labor market.  Scientific research is a fundamental activity at UDJG, and the large number of research partnerships made possible the participation of the University in many national and international scientific projects.

UDJG has been coordinator or partner in many educational projects, as Socrates, LLP/Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci. Since 2008, UDJG has been involved in projects financed through different structural tools: European Social Found, Regional Development Found and Cohesion Found. By participating to research and development projects with regional and national relevance, UDJG ensures a better of students for the new context of the Romanian society. Description of the Department participating in the proposed project : Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) is part of the Faculty of Automatic Control, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering of the University

“Dunarea de Jos” of Galati.

The CSIT Department offers bachelor and master degrees in computer science and information technology, being the most important regional entity that prepares high skilled specialists in IT for local institutions and companies. Besides education, scientific

research is a part of the CSIT Department mission, and it is currently oriented on subjects including IT&C Assisted Education, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Human Computer Interaction, Advanced Web Technologies.

The CSIT Department possesses a high-performance computing infrastructure and is maintaining one of the seven Romanian national nodes of communication, directly connected to the European GEANT network for research and education. The Department is tightly connected to the rapidly-growing national IT industry: teachers and researchers from the CSIT Department are collaborating with local and national companies in development of new software and hardware products.